A brief update before my next review

So, I noticed its been too long since I’ve posted and I hope I haven’t disappointed any of you! I’ve recently started a new job, moved to a new state, and joined a new writing group. Life has been hectic but enjoyable and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Fresh starts are so exciting! Anyway, I want to share a bit about each of these changes.

The new job

As of two weeks ago, I have been working as an accountant downtown and the job has been demanding but satisfying. I’m learning all kinds of new processes, making new friends with my coworkers, and enjoying all of the perks of the job. I mean, they feed us almost everyday! I couldn’t be upset with that, right? The only downside, which is subsequently a plus for the customer, is that the security level is super high so trying to write down ideas as they come is a no go for me.

The move

I moved from Florida to Minnesota at the end of July and I’m still transitioning into the drastic change in climate. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the nice weather (which is fifty degrees Fahrenheit here). Apparently, last winter with the wind chill was negative fifty degrees, enough to get frostbite within minutes. I’m definitely not looking forward to that and will be investing heavily in warm clothes!

The Writing group

My sister suggested that I use the app called MeetUp in order to meet people with similar hobbies, interests, etc. so that I don’t get bored or stay in the house all day. I took her advice and found a group called Midtown Writers that meets up every Saturday morning at a local restaurant and decided to give it a try. It was way better than expected! Basically, someone pulls a writing prompt of out of a box containing what seems like dozens of them and the group decides how long we have to write to that prompt. It’s usually 1-5 minutes long with the prompts containing phrases like “I don’t remember” or “the stairs” and everyone just writes whatever they wish that contains those words. Once the time is up, a microphone is passed around and if you’re willing to share, you can, and if not, you’re perfectly free to pass it to the next person. I didn’t expect to share on my first day but it the atmosphere was so accepting and comforting that I actually didn’t mind. It’s been two weeks in a row and I don’t plan on stopping!

My next post

Now that I’m slowly adjusting to my new life, I plan on finishing a book called “The Quantum Thief” that is absolutely mind-boggling and reviewing it in my next post. I’ve never read a book that was so confusing (with its terminology that it doesn’t explain outright) and so intriguing that you continue to read to figure out what the hell is going on. I hope the review does the book justice! See ya soon!

How has your life changed recently?

Please comment, share, and like to your heart’s content. I promise I won’t be upset lol.

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